Schools and Colleges


Water, Surface and Food are contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms are the main cause for serious infection. It is most important to ensure biosecurity at School and Colleges for safety of staffs and Students and to maintain food hygiene at canteen by using effective and eco-friendly disinfectants for Water, Food disinfection and Surface sanitation.
Safe Chlor disinfection & sanitation effervescent tablets are highly convenient and safe disinfectant used in School and Colleges to ensure biosecurity of the premises effectively disinfects water and maintains food safety.
Potable Water Disinfection, Sanitation of Canteen Kitchen, Toilets, Floors and Tiles, Disinfection of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Usage Benefits

  • All in one – Multi-purpose disinfectant for Water, Vegetables & Fruits, All Surface Sanitation, Equipment and Vessel sanitation, Odor Elimination.
  • Ensures germ-free Safe potable water for Drinking, Bathing, Tooth brushing, floor mopping, washing cloth, and for all utilities.
  • Avoids formation of Algae, Biofilm in water storage tanks & pipeline
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning water tanks and sump.
  • Removes bad odor in water, kitchen, toilets, serving tables
  • Reduces slippery floors, tiles in bathrooms, kitchen sinks, toilets
  • Reduces organic turbidity – Clean Water with more clarity
  • Avoids recontamination of water for 24 – 48 Hours.
  • Ensures sterilization of equipment and vessels.
  • Usage of Safe Chlor tablets prevents Waterborne, Food-Borne diseases (Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Jaundice, Gastro and spread epidemics, etc.,